Gluteal Lipoinjection
(Buttocks augmentation, Butt lift)

Without a doubt the gluteal region is one of the most representative and sexiest areas of the entire body. For women in particular, a shapely bottom makes them feel attractive and self-assured. Over time, different means have been sought to enhance the volume of the buttocks. Until 10 years ago the only viable option for this purpose was the placement of silicone buttocks implants, but today, fat injection is a proven method that has revolutionized body contouring. The buttocks are the area where best results are obtained, since the rich blood supply of the gluteal muscle allows fat to be incorporated or grafted more efficiently.

Candidates. Men and women over 18 who want to increase, enhance, or define their buttocks for a more attractive shape. The best results are obtained in patients with good skin tone but who for various reasons lack adequate shape in the buttocks. Patients must have some accumulations of fat which will serve as a source of the fat to be redistributed, they should not be obese but simply have enough fat to be transplanted.

Surgery. Lipoinjection involves injecting fat from the patient’s own body to another part of the body in order to outline or increase volume in the injected area. It can be performed with general anesthesia or with a localized nerve block, and always begins with liposuction (removal of fat from the body by means of scientifically tested and suitable techniques) usually from the abdomen or waist area, or even the back or legs. Once the fat is collected, it is cleaned and prepared under sterile conditions to then be placed in specially designed syringes to inject elsewhere in the body (this procedure is known as liposculpture). The fat is injected through specialized cannulas in a small incision made at the level of the gluteal fold so that the scar is not visible in the postoperative period. Amounts of fat ranging from 300 to 500 CC can be injected in a single session. This procedure should always be done in the operating room under fully sterile conditions since the risk of infection is high.

Postoperative care. After two or three hours of surgery the patient remains in close monitoring at the clinic, usually prescribe painkillers and antibiotics are prescribed. After 6 hours patients can return home, typically special garments are used to maintain pressure on the areas submitted to liposuction and to enhance or protect the lipo-injected area. At least one week of rest is required for recovery.






Before and after view immediately following surgery. Injection of 360 cc of fat to each buttock.

(Note how liposuction of the lower back further enhances the result).