Buttocks implants (Buttocks augmentation)

Without a doubt the gluteal region is one of the most representative and sexiest areas of the entire body. For women in particular, a shapely bottom makes them feel attractive and self-assured.

Candidates. This surgery is principally indicated for patients who lack volume in the gluteal region, either from birth or who over time have lost volume due to weight gains or loss, accidents or the effects of undesirable injection materials.

Surgery. Buttock implants are placed in the center of the gluteal muscle mass, obtaining a very natural appearance which will retain its shape over time and decrease the incidence of complications. The incision or cut to the skin in which the implants are placed is exactly at the edge of the gluteal fold so that even without clothes the scar will not be visible. This surgery can be combined with liposuction of the back, waist and legs to obtain a better body contour in this area. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia (nerve block) accompanied by sedation so that the patient is asleep and relaxed during the procedure. Analgesics are continued for the next 24 hours after the surgery to reduce postoperative pain.

Buttocks implants are made of a "low bleed" smooth or textured silicone elastomer membrane, filled high cohesive Biodesign silica gel, or silicone with the consistency and endurance required for the region in which it is to be implemented. These implants are very safe and are designed to last. We usually use oval implants, round implants are also available but less frequently used.

Buttocks augmentation Mexico
Buttocks Implants Mexico

View before and after placement of 300 cc buttocks implants

Postoperative care. This surgery requires at least a one night hospital stay after surgery. Following this the patient should plan to rest at home for 10 days, lying face down or to the side, with occasional walking to improve circulation and go to the bathroom; it’s possible that a drain will be left to collect serum. A special garment will be used for three weeks to maintain the position of the implants; in some patients we use medium compression bandages to give them security and confidence. The patient can perform low impact exercises at 8 weeks, and after three months may resume normal physical and sports activities.



View before and after placement of 300 cc buttocks implants
In experienced hands the results are amazing and natural.