Mentoplasty (Cosmetic chin surgery)

The aesthetics of the facial profile has been a topic of interest both in medicine and art. There are many individuals with some deformity of the chin, most typically this involves a lack of development of the jaw line (microgenia) and in which dental occlusion or the accommodation of teeth may be normal. The corrective procedure of mentoplasty is often accompanied by rhinoplasty.

Candidates. Patients with chin deformities who wish to increase or decrease the volume or who may want to add a small fold or cleft chin. Many also have nasal deformity, which is why the two surgeries may be performed at the same time, significantly enhancing the facial profile as a whole.



Surgery. Depending on the individual characteristics of the facial profile, the augmentation of the chin may be made by cutting the bone and repositioning it forward or simply by inserting a prosthesis of soft silicone, shaped or molded to the exact measurements of each patient. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis with local anesthesia. A small incision of 2 cm. beneath the jaw line is sufficient to insert the prosthesis submentally. In some cases the implant is placed internally through the mouth, thereby completely avoiding the small scar beneath the chin.

Postoperative care. Following 30 minutes of surgery, a small microporous splint is placed on the operated area and the patient is able to go home. A bland diet for three days is prescribed, and relative rest for four more. The discomfort is generally minimal and the patient is able to resume their regular activities within 2 weeks.


Before and after photos of patient with rhinoplasty and augmentation mentoplasty,
with a small silicone implant in the chin